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20mm Lens Test


The SEL20F28 has a noticeable edge in sharpness, as well as a bit better color/contrast, but the SEL 1855 shows good results here.

Below is a re-test on another day, with the 16-50 results included.

The 16-50 just doesn't hold up well, and the 20mm and 18-55mm lenses are very close through most of the central part of the photo.  The 20mm is a bit better, showing more contrast in the blue sign and more accurate wood-grain patterns.  Moving closer to the sides or the corners, the 20mm lens looks much sharper, with the 18-55 overtaken with a noticeable softness.  In these photos, the 20mm doesn't exactly have sharp corners; this is probably partially due to depth-of-field, as the foreground is much closer than the subject, but it still looks better than the 18-55.


Even at f5.6, the 16-50 is inferior to the other lenses.  The 20mm and 18-55mm lenses are close in sharpness, with the 20mm looking superior if you enlarge and compare the details.  Corners get a bit soft for all 3 lenses, but it's not bad in my opinion.  Those looking for corner-to-corner sharpness probably need to shop for not just a more expensive lens but perhaps not look into such a wide-angle lens.

Last updated: June 9, 2014.