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30mm Lens Tests


I was thinking that either some of my SEL1650 shots seemed mis-focused, or it may be that it just isn't up to the level of the other lenses.  Otherwise, the other lenses were clearly better, with the Sigma being the sharpest by far, as expected.  The 18-55 does very well, though; I would not avoid this lens just because it's a "kit lens".

In my 2nd attempt, the 16-50 seems to fare better. In this example, the 16-50 and 18-55 seem about equal.



Note that the widest aperture for the 16-50 is f5, so it was intentionally not part of the below comparisons.

The 18-55 seems a bit too soft on this second test, so it could be a focus issue, however, it's clearly obvious when using the Sigma 30mm lens that the Sigma is razor sharp.  The zoom lenses just aren't going to be as sharp.

Last updated: June 9, 2014.