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Minolta 100-300xi


The lighting was a bit lower than what would be ideal, as the sun was going down.  Viewed at 100%, it does not look great, but sometimes, you have to take what you can get!  (Looks great at this size!)



Although, I did make several attempts, most of which had more blur.  Between Super Steady Shot and multiple tries, I eventually got something surprisingly sharp.


Processed from RAW.


The heron was captured as the sun was setting behind the trees, and behind a neighbor's house, making this a much-less-than-ideal lighting condition.  I ran noise reduction and PF removal (which wasn't too noticeable anyway, at this size), and cropped and reduced the size for the web.  This is an example of a photo which might look too poor or grainy at 100% pixel view, but is perfectly acceptable for web or small prints.

The moral of the story: before giving up on a photo, you might salvage something with some post-processing, or find that it's not objectionable as long as you do not print large.


Things look better at f8.  I didn't need to do much processing on this one.