Airshow Photos 2009

Camera: Sony A100

Lens: Minolta 100-300 APO and a 2x Quantaray teleconverter


The 100% crop in the corner isn't the best-looking pixel-peep, but given that it was from the use of a teleconverter, I think it's reasonable.  You do get quality loss, but more detail as well (when it's not out of focus from manually focusing!) than without.


Better quality can be had without the TC, if you don't need the range.

Apparently there is a pecking order among photographers where the guy with the biggest lens goes first! The others were probably snickering the whole time about the guy in the back with his underpowered, non-pro lens. (They would have really hated my setup, between the ol' Minolta lens and the TC!  Not to mention Sony camera.)