Misc. Photos Page 2

The following three photos were reduced to 25% of their original size, for display on the web.


Using the Tamron 55-200mm:


It took heavy noise reduction, and yet there is still some noise in this ISO 1600 photo.  I'd like to make further attempts at tweaking it.

Using the Tamron 55-200mm:

Below is a 100% crop from the above, processed with RawHide and some NR.  RawHide appears to generate additional noise with its additional detail.

Here is a similar 100% crop from RawTherapee with no NR.   The RAW converter can make a huge difference.

Tamron 17-50mm, 100% crop:

The below cat photo was reduced to 40% and cropped, but I left a 100% section in the corner in order to show detail.  Wide open aperture.  No additional sharpening or other manipulation.  Ok, not the best subject matter and it is overexposed (because it metered on the dark fur), but boy do those hairs look sharp!  Seriously, I take photos at f2.8 without worrying a lot about whether or not the subject will turn out to be sharp.  This is a worst-case example, I would think.