Gary's Software

This web page is reserved for software that I've written.  The software is free for your personal use (not to resell, and not to re-host on a server or other website).

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk.  I do test, but there are bound to be occasional errors.  Given the vast combination of calculations that are possible, I cannot test a significant range of possibilities.  So, do not use these calculators for any use that is critically important.  At least I can assert that I will not install spyware.  ;-)



This is a calculator that uses RPN notation.  In theory, the world doesn't need another calculator, but I've customized this one to my liking, and I don't like the quirks I've seen in some others.  Also, it made a nice simple project.




This is a calculator that uses normal Infix notation.  I always wanted to experiment with reflection, dynamic invocation, etc., with .NET.  Basically, whatever you type in is compiled into VB.NET (with some minor changes) and the results are displayed.

You can build expressions as complex as you like, such as:

    ((28343.2343 * 5) + pow(23,2))/5

To make use of the history, place [ INDEX ] where INDEX is the number in the list of results.  This effectively makes every calculation a "memory" function, as opposed to the conventional calculator design where you must press a key or two to explicitly store past results.

What I think makes this calculator so superior to a conventional one is being able to visually verify that your input is correct, and make minor edits without starting over.

(Because it evaluates the formula into more general-purpose executable code, it's possible that you could perform commands that are not math-related; however, this is not easy to do because of the way I process the formula.  While you're effectively limited to the math library, it could probably be circumvented if you tried hard enough.  I would not recommend it.)


Change history:
 .60 - 03/20/2007 - Original release.
 .70 - 04/27/2007 - Added preprocessing.
    Automatically pre-pends "math." for keywords so you don't have to do it manually, appends ".0" onto large integers so that they function correctly, and history is now available.
.80 - 4/21/2012 - Recompiled in Visual Studio 2010, which improved performance.  Internal improvements.